Vintage Motorcycle Services

Below, you will find services we offer and parts and accessories for vintage motorcycles. Yes, you read that correctly: we work on motorcycles that are older then us! If you have a 1970's and up motorcycle, you have come to the right place.

We offer much more than what's listed here. Call us with any questions!

Buchanan's Rims and Spokes

Buchanan's manufacturers some of the finest rims and spokes on the market. They carry a huge line of products in stock and their turn around time is very fast on custom rims. If you are looking to upgrade your old steel rims to a new aluminum set, give us a call.

Products offered:

  • Sun Rims (manufactured in house!)
  • Excel Rims
  • Akront Rims
  • American Rim Supply
  • D.I.D. Rims
  • British Style Steel Rims
  • Kelsey-Hayes Style Rims
  • Mandap Steel Rims
  • Spin Werkes Steel Rims
  • Spokes (all made in house!)
    • Stainless Steel, Chrome, Bare Carbon Steel,
      Single Diameter, Swaged, Center Reduced
  • Nipples

15% OFF

Sun Rims


If you are searching for tires, look no further! Check out our tire selection here at We have awesome deals on tires for your antique or custom. Call if don't see the size your looking for. The BT-45 tires are a great pick for the older 1970's style Yamaha's.

We ship worldwide!


OEM Parts

If you're looking for an original OEM or NOS part and you're not sure if it's still available, give us a call. We can look it up for you on our parts fiche and let you know the availibility. If it isn't, we might be able to find an aftermarket company that sells what you're looking for. Gaskets, bearings, seals, o-rings, fuel needles, jets, etc. are commonly produced aftermarket.

We are a Sudco dealer. They have a huge supplier of aftermarket parts for your older motorcycle.

Shop here, call, or stop by! We ship worldwide!


We are proud partners of and the OPG Motorcycle Club. If you have a vintage 2-stroke this is the club for you. Visit their website for more details.