High Performance

Custom Piston Installation

There is no replacement for displacement in motorcycle engines. Pistons are available in almost any size and compression ratio for your model depending on the type of riding you do. Naturally aspirated, turbo charged or nitrous oxide. We use JE Pistons, Wiseco and MTC Engineering.

Camshaft Installation

Custom camshafts or adjustable camshaft sprockets are a very important part of any serious high performance application. A good set of cams compliments porting to get the best performance out of your head. Key figures you want to look at for a camshaft are the lift, duration and ramp speed. The lift and duration are important although ramp speed is what gets you power. We have many cam profiles to choose from. Please call if you are interested in a set of high performance cams.

Yoshimura Camshafts

Head Porting

Head porting is by far one of the best things you can do to gain power for a normally aspirated motor. Porting is basically opening up, re-configuring and re-surfacing the ports of a cylinder head.

Why port a cylinder head? The answer is to let the engine breath easier and more efficiently. By doing this you produce more power. All port jobs come with a full radius 5 Angle Valve Job. You can expect to see 10-40 horsepower gains on inline 4 cylinder engines.

Transmission Undercutting

Is your motorcycle jumping out of gear?

Undercutting involves modifying the drive dogs and slots on the transmission gears to precise angles that force the gears to lock together under hard acceleration. This helps prevent them from jumping out of gear. A drive dog with a 0 degree back cut from the factory, under normal wear and tear, will round over due to hard shifting. This allows the gears to disengage from one another while riding.

Motorcycle Transmission

Dogs and Slots

Under normal circumstances we send out 2nd and 6th gear to be under cut, those are the two gears that engage when you up shift from first to second. Everything is inspected internally including the clutch, shift forks, shift drum, engine bearings and all seals. Looking at the pictures below, the shift forks usually gets damaged when a transmission is jumping out of gear. The shift forks bend slightly and wear unevenly.

Good Shift Fork

Bad Shift Fork

Any of these services listed above will get you more horsepower and torque. The key is how you combine the different elements to achieve the best possible scenario for your riding application. If you are looking to unleash the true power of your engine don't hesitate to call and talk with us. We are experienced in complete engine modifications.