Enhanced PA State Inspection

Enhanced Inspection

Price: $125.00

If your motorcycle has a branded title from an accident you will need to have an enhanced vehicle safety inspection done before you can have a standard PA State Inspection. Form MV-426B will need to be completed.

Beginning January 1, 2007, only those safety inspection stations appointed and under contract with PennDOT as an Enhanced Safety Inspection Station may inspect salvage, flood, specially constructed, recovered theft, collectible, modified vehicles and street rods for compliance with all applicable equipment and inspection rules for the purpose of titling the vehicle in Pennsylvania. We are one of those rare shops!

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If you are wondering what it takes to get your motorcycle roadworthy again please go over the checklist below. The MV-426B form has this checklist as well. Please read everything carefully to prevent delays in processing the paperwork.

  • Proof of ownership: Pennsylvania Certificate of Title; Pennsylvania Certificate of Salvage, Certificate of Salvage issued by another state or jurisdiction; Certificate of Title issued by another state or jurisdiction and indicating the vehicle was reconstructed in another state or jurisdiction; Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin or Statement of Origin (MCO/MSO) issued by a recognized manufacturer of vehicles. (Note: A MCO/MSO that indicates the vehicle is not intended for highway use (or similar designation) cannot be titled in Pennsylvania.) Specially constructed vehicles may have a bill of sale as acceptable proof of ownership (if no other ownership document exists).

  • Unacceptable forms of proof of ownership include Form 907A issued by the state of New York, any title, certificate of origin, statement of origin or certificate of salvage that indicates the vehicle is to be used for parts only; is not suitable to be rebuilt or titled; or is not designed, constructed or intended for use on public roadway. This includes statements of origin for all terrain vehicles (ATVs).

  • Form MV-1 (Application for Certificate of Title) if the applicant's name does not currently appear on the face of the certificate of title or salvage or if a prior co-owner is to be dropped on the new title.

  • Appraisal Report (for flood or recovered theft vehicles where the damage does not exceed the replacement value of the vehicle). An acceptable appraisal report must contain the name and signature of the licensed appraiser; the appraiser's license number; the VIN of the vehicle appraised; the level of damage (in dollars); and the actual cash value of the vehicle (prior to flood or theft)

  • A bill of sale if the applicant's name is not displayed on the face of the certificate of title/salvage (not required for dealers who are sales tax exempt). If a salvaged vehicle was reassigned free of charge, Form MV-13ST (Affidavit of Gift) may be submitted in lieu of a bill of sale. An acceptable bill of sale includes the seller's name; seller's signature; buyer's name; vehicle identification number (VIN); date of sale; purchase price; and if applicable, a statement from the seller indicating the vehicle was already completed at the time of purchase and no branded title was obtained by the seller. If this information does not appear on the bill of sale, a separate statement must be signed by the seller, notarized and contain the VIN number of the vehicle.

  • A power of attorney for any person signing on behalf of a purchaser or seller, if applicable. Note: An "agent" signing on behalf of an employer is not required to attach a power of attorney.

  • Retention (buy-back) letter from insurance company if vehicle was totaled and retained by the applicant for the purpose of retitling it. This letter (on the insurance company or insurance agent's letterhead) should indicate the amount deducted from the insurance pay-off (settlement) to allow the insured to retain the vehicle.

  • Copies of all receipts for all components replaced as indicated on the MV-426B application (if required). If you indicate a component was taken from another vehicle, a copy of the salvage certificate or title (in your name) for the parts vehicle must be attached in lieu of a receipt. Note: Only business entities (dealers, rebuilders, etc.) titling the vehicle in the business name may claim parts used in the reconstruction were taken from existing inventory, and therefore, no receipts are needed. If a dealer or rebuilder reconstructed a vehicle for the applicant, the parts used to complete the vehicle may be listed on the bill of sale.

  • A detailed description (on separate 8½" X 11" paper) for specially constructed, collectible, modified vehicles indicating how the vehicle was configured and assembled.

  • Photographs of the vehicle showing the front, rear, left and right sides. Photographs must be signed/dated by the enhanced vehicle safety inspector. Additional photographs may be required for collectible vehicles. We do this at no charge to for our customers.

  • If the vehicle was purchased outside Pennsylvania within the previous six (6) months, the applicant must show proof of sales tax paid in the form of a sales tax receipt, notarized bill of sale or notarized letter from the seller indicating the amount of sales tax paid. Refer to Form REV-227 (Pennsylvania Sales and Use Tax Credit Chart) to determine if you may claim a tax credit for sales tax paid in another state. NOTE: Applicants exempt from Pennsylvania sales tax will list the appropriate Sales Tax Exemption reason code in Sections 1A and/or 1B. (See exemption codes listed on the reverse side of MV-1 form.)

  • Form MV-41 (Application for Correction of Vehicle Record or Verification of Vehicle Identification Number) if a Pennsylvania replacement vehicle identification number (VIN) plate is required. NOTE: Form MV-41 and the corresponding MV-426B application must be submitted to PennDOT for processing.